The Hôtel National des Invalides, or Invalides Palace, is a huge Parisian monument whose construction was ordered by Louis XIV in 1670 to give shelter to the invalids of its armies. Nowadays, it continues to welcome the invalids, but it is also a military necropolis and home to several museums.

Among the illustrious figures buried there are Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as the heart of Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, an illustrious French military architect responsible for the French poly-ecclesia, who created, during the time of Louis XIV, a series of military fortifications to the kingdom , making it impenetrable.

King Louis XIV needed, like his predecessors Henry III and Henry IV, to provide assistance and assistance to the invalid soldiers of his armies; so that “those who have exposed their lives shed their blood for the defense of the monarchy spend the rest of their days in tranquility, says the royal edict of 1670.

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