The Luxembourg Garden in French: Jardin du Luxembourg is a large public park in the city of Paris with more than 22.4 hectares, located in the 6th arrondissement. The Garden of Luxembourg currently belongs to the Senate of France, which is headquartered in the famous Luxembourg Palace.

The garden has a huge parterre decorated with a lush collection of statues and also with small lakes intended for children’s leisure. The garden also includes a small puppet theater, an orchard and a restaurant. It is close to the Odéon Theater.

In 1611, Maria de Medici, widow of Henry IV, decided to build a replica of the grand Pitti Palace. Maria began building the new palace immediately and hired Salomon de Brosse as principal architect. The following year, Maria ordered the planting of 2,000 elm trees and hired gardening experts to recreate the gardens she knew as a child in Florence. He bought the hotel du Luxembourg (now the Petit-Luxembourg palace) and began building a new palace. He commissioned Salomon de Brosse from building a palace and a fountain, which still exists today. In 1612 he had 000 elmos planted, and directed a team of gardeners, among them Tommaso Francini, to build a park in the style that knew of Florence. Francini planned two terraces with balustrades and parterres placed along the axis of the chateau, around a circular area. He also built the Medici Fountain east of the palace. The original garden had 8 hectares of area.

On the few sunny days of autumn, on beautiful spring and summer days, between work shifts, classes or sightseeing, Parisians and visitors choose to buy ready-made and ready-to-eat meals and tast them in the garden, where the can admire under the light.

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