The Rijksmuseum (“State Museum” in Dutch) is the national museum of the Netherlands, located in Amsterdam on the Museum Square. The Rijksmuseum is dedicated to the arts and history. It has a wide collection of paintings from the Dutch golden age and a substantial collection of Asian art.

The museum was founded in 1800 in the city of The Hague to display the collection of the Prime Minister. It was inspired by the French example. For the Dutch was known as Art Gallery. In 1808 the museum moved to Amsterdam under the orders of King Louis Napoleon, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. The paintings of that town, like Rembrandt’s Night Round, became part of the collection.

In 1885 the museum moved to its present location, built by the Dutch architect Pertus J.H. Cuypers. He combined Gothic and Renaissance elements. The museum has a prominent position in Museum Square, next to the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum.

The building is richly decorated with references from the history of Dutch art. The Rembrandt Night Tour has its own corridor in the museum since 1906. In 2003, the museum is closed for restorations, but the masterpieces are constantly presented to the public.

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