The church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a religious building located in Venice, in the Cannaregio district.

In the second half of the fifteenth century there was a painting, placed at the corner of the house of the Lombard merchant Angelo Amadi. Considered to be miraculous by the inhabitants of the area, the inhabitants relied on this painting to ask for numerous graces. Hence the need to pay homage to the painting of the Virgin with a construction worthy of her miracles. The project was entrusted to the architect Pietro Lombardo who, with the help of his sons Tullio and Antonio, designed and built this small temple within 8 years (1481-1489).

It is one of the very first Renaissance style buildings built in Venice. During the sixteenth century interventions were made to the interior.

In 1997 it was the subject of a careful restoration, which allowed the Venetians and tourists to fully enjoy its artistic beauties.

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