Lido di Venezia is an island of Italy, in the Veneto region, 18 kilometers long. The island is a long wall of sand, which lies at the entrance of the Venice lagoon.

Located southeast of Venice, it separates the lagoon of Venice from the gulf of Venice (Adriatic Sea). It is resort and tourist center. The Cinematographic Festival of the Venice Biennale and art exhibitions take place there. It has about 20,000 residents, and a popular tourist spot. The island has a casino. The Venice International Film Festival takes place on the Lido every year in September.

The island has three locations. Lido itself, to the north, houses the film festival, the Grand Hotel des Bains, the Venice Casino and the Grand Hotel Excelsior. Malamocco, in the center, was the first settlement. It was the place of residence of the Doge of Venice. Alberoni at the south end houses the Fort of San Nicolo and a golf course.

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