Murano, although described as an island of the lagoon of Venice, is in fact an archipelago of seven smaller islands, of which two are artificial (Sacca Serenella and Sacca San Mattia), united by bridges between themselves. It is approximately 5500 inhabitants and is only 1 km from the center of Venice. Murano is a famous place for Murano glass works, particularly decorative objects and lamps.

Murano was founded by the Romans, and since the sixth century was inhabited by people from Altino and Oderzo. At first, the island prospered as a fishing port and thanks to the production of salt. It was a center of commerce. With the port they controlled the island of Santo Erasmo. From the 11th century the city began to decline because many inhabitants moved to Dorsoduro. They had a great local power, like the one of Venice, but from Century XIII Murano was governed by Venetians. Unlike other islands in the lagoon, Murano waxed its own coins.

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