The Sorolla Museum is the museum in Madrid (Spain), bred at the request of the painter Joaquín Sorolla, Clotilde García del Castillo, who in 1925, left in testament all its assets to the Spanish state for the foundation of a museum in memory of its husband On March 28, 1931 was oil or legacy of painter’s widow. The Museum occupies an old house of painter and was inaugurated in 1932.

Joaquín Sorolla García, the only descendant of the couple, was first director of the Museum until his death in 1948. Legado new funds to the State, which were accepted in 1951. The collection was later completed with several purchases.

Since 1973 or State Museum and depends on Ministry of Spanish Culture.

The collection consists mostly of a large number of objects that the author has in life, which is divided into three different categories: sculpture, ceramic and painting (above all the latter). These were objects donated to or Spanish state.

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